Retiree Lease Program Update

NCRO Members

Dear NBU Retiree:
We are pleased to announce the 2017 Model Year (MY) Retiree Lease Program.
Retirees will continue to be able to order all eligible vehicles at applicable rates (same as Employee Program) and ordering will be available to new participants throughout the year. Information regarding the program, eligibility and ordering process are outlined below.

Program Overview:
 Eligible retirees are able to lease two (2) vehicles under the Retiree Lease Program.
 The Retiree Lease vehicles available will be offered at a 1.5% / 1.7% / 1.8% / 1.9% rate (same as Employee Program) for a term of 2 model years.
 Vehicle maintenance and insurance are included (same as Employee Program).
 Eligible drivers are the retiree, spouse and dependent children under the age of 26, to the extent they otherwise qualify.
 There is no surviving spouse benefit. In the event the retiree passes away, the vehicle must be returned or purchased.

Who is Eligible:
 Driving a 2015 MY lease vehicle
 Newly eligible or re-entering the Company Car Program
 Activating a second lease (*contact Company Car Programs to activate a second lease)

Ordering Availability:
 Ordering will take place via the Company Car Online Ordering System:
 New Participants will be able to order their first vehicle at any time throughout the year (after paperwork is approved – see below process).
 For current program participants, 2015 MY vehicle replacements will be available in three ordering phases (tentative and subject to change):
 Phase 1 – Now thru September 30, 2016
 Phase 2 – October 25 thru December 23, 2016
 Phase 3 – January 10 thru March 31, 2017



About NCRO

Protect pensions and other retiree benefits, Do our part to keep Chrysler LLC viable and strong, Inform, Educate and Communicate, Support American workers, jobs and products, Build camaraderie and fellowship
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2 Responses to Retiree Lease Program Update

  1. Hoeksema says:

    Are tire repairs/replacements covered by retiree lease program,

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