Savings Plan Revisions

Savings Plan Revisions

Three Major Changes
• Add Target Date Funds (TDFs)
• Streamline Core Menu
• Reinvestment Initiative

Investing Approaches
• Target Date Funds (TDFs)
• Advice Access
• Core Investment Menu
• Self-Direct Brokerage (sdb Direct Advantage)

Take Action!
•Savings plan “whole portfolio solution” that automatically reallocates asset
classes (stocks, bonds and cash) according to a pre- determined “glide path”
through a target date (e.g. – retirement date)
•12 new TDF portfolios based on a year near the participant’s age 65
Streamline Core Menu
•No impact to sdb Direct
•25 Core Menu investment options moving to 11
•Advice Access remains

Reinvestment Initiative
•One-time initiative where participants are asked to take action on their Core
Menu investments
•No impact to sdb Direct Advantage or “frozen” Daimler stock
If no action is taken, the participant’s Core Menu investments are
mapped to the age-appropriate TDF

Savings Plan Revision
Accounts will be invested in a TDF unless you take action
•• Balances and future contributions
•• Based on expected year of retirement (age 65)
•• Includes Advice Access investments
•• Excludes sdb Direct Advantage and Daimler AG stock
Decide how you want your account invested
Deadline: March 1, 2013 – 3 p.m. (EST)
Savings Plan Revisions

Key Dates
• 1/30/13 Election Window Opens
• 1/30- 3/1/13 Election Window Open
» Current and New Menu exists
» Must decide where to invest funds
» Benefits on-line or 1-800-483-SAVE
» Participant meetings held
» Webinars available
» Resource Center available
• 3/1/13 Election Window Closes (current window

• If you take no action your account will be invested in Target Direct
Funds on your approximate year of retirement (age 65)


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