Very odd gallop poll regarding pensions

From a Chrysler retiree and NCRO member:

We just received a gallop poll call which after listening to the questions strongly believe it came from GM seeing if my wife who is retired from GM would take a lump sum buyout.

The poll started out with age health questions etc then jumped to would you consider taking a lump sum payment instead of a monthly pension check which the answer was no- then they asked how much money would it take to replace my pension check for which I stated 1 million dollars. They asked a lot of personal questions like amount of assets we have and do we have a 401k managed or do we do it ourselves what our yearly income is etc. for which I refused to answer a lot of these questions but they sure persisted trying to get me to answer.

My mother who lives in AZ and retired from GM also got one of these calls. So I guess this email is for others to beware about answering all of these questions. They sure are looking to buyout pensions.


About NCRO

Protect pensions and other retiree benefits, Do our part to keep Chrysler LLC viable and strong, Inform, Educate and Communicate, Support American workers, jobs and products, Build camaraderie and fellowship
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