Problems with Reimbursements from Ben Express/Hewitt

Problems with Reimbursements from Ben Express/Hewitt

 I am experiencing 2 huge problems with getting medical expense claims processed by Hewitt through Benefits Express, as follows:


  1. Multiple claims dating back to Dec. 1, 2011, that total to nearly $1000, have still not been reimbursed.  Thus, over 2 months have lapsed without reimbursement.
  2. However, funds have been taken from my Merrill Lynch Chrysler Stable Value Fund over the past 2 weeks that total over $1750.  Thus, my concern here is what will happen with the excess funds?

 I spoke with a Supervisor at Hewitt 2 days ago, and some sort of “problem ticket” has been initiated, with the promise of some sort of answer in 48 hours.  It is now 48 hours later, and no answer yet.  I have no recourse but to continue to wait.

If other retirees are having a similar problem, then there is really something wrong at Benefits Express that needs attention directly from someone in power at Chrysler.  Can someone help???

Andrew Foster


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3 Responses to Problems with Reimbursements from Ben Express/Hewitt

  1. tedretiree says:

    I suspect the problem is in the hands of Chrysler. The “ticket” records the problem and an inquiry is made to Chrysler, I think. I have had one outstanding for 3 weeks because the $1,000 Chrysler contribution to my HSA account for 2012 CY, was expected mid-January, and still has not been made.

  2. The above Blog post is my submission. In response to the Comment of Feb. 10, all of the claims in question were submitted to my RHCA account, for which funds reside at Merrill Lynch. I have not had any problem when submitting claims against my HRA, or HSA.
    Also, it is now 2 working days later, and there has been no progress on the “trouble ticket”, or “research ticket” in their terms. However, all of the funds that have been withdrawn from my Merrill Lynch account do show up on the Hewitt website as funds available for claims submitted to the RHCA for reimbursement, so that appears as an answer to my issue #2. I’m still awaiting their actions to finally honor the claims, which are “sister claims” to claims that have been previously reimbursed with no lengthy delay. Thus, I’m still suspicious that something has gone awry at BE/Hewitt.

    • I can now report that as of 02/16/12, all claims have been finally processed and paid into my checking account. Thus, the saga has ended with an acceptable financial outcome, but there was never any plausible explanation regarding why the very long delay occurred. If any similar experience recurs, I’ll submit a new posting.

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