Just passing along info, you may want to send it to all so they too may reevaluate their own situations.  In regard to the medical coverage with BCBS.  MY records show I had the deductible paid by early March, 2011 and the Explaination of Benefits reflected this info.  However, BCBS reevaluated several charges in the April/May time frame on earlier paid claims and decided to pay more money.  This meant that I paid too much money  against those earlier claims.

I have been trying to get the money from the St Joseph/Henry Ford Health System for three months.  There always seems to be a problem and they will need to resubmit the claim or they will get the problem to the attention of a supervisor.  All the steps take 30 days to evaluate.  During all this we have incurred additional charges which they conveniently deduct from amount wed to me. Seems like a scam, if no one is paying attention they could pocket some money and no one would be the wiser.


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  1. Dennis Doherty says:

    Need Guidance. I have asked Benefits to verify the change in my SERP when I turn 62/1 month. I anticipated the amount to go up and my calculations bear that out. However they came back and said that the amount of SERP I get today will not change later. I need to understand how to calculate the amount to verify my work. Or, is there something else going on I am not aware of at this time.
    Thanks, Dennis Doherty 586-354-0790

    • NCRO says:

      Mr. Doherty
      What happens at age 62 1/12 depends on a number of factors including the retiree’s age and service at retirement and whether he receives a SERP/ESERP FAS benefit. It is extremely difficult to answer an individual’s questions without knowledge about his/her personal information. Therefore unless he/she provides us with his/her personal information including age and credited service at retirement and date of retirement and the type of benefits he/she is receiving (such as basic and early retirement under the pension plan and contributory and Final Average Salary/Non-Contributory under SERP/ESERP) we simply cannot be expected to provide a definitive answer

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