2011 Enrollment – HSA, CIGNA, Medicare

I recently received my 2011 enrollment package.  My wife and I currently have the Cigna/HAP HSA (Heath Savings Account).  The Heath Savings Account is with Chase and we have account debit cards that expire December 31, 2010. The instruction booklet says that if nothing is done my choices will carry over to 2011.  I will be 65 in January and will be going on Medicare and realize that my coverage will change. My concern is that, in the package, the only choice for my wife is National BCBS PPO and not Cigna/HAP.  I called Benefit Express and explained that it appears that my wife’s choice is changing, that it will not be carry over if I don’t do anything and there is no other choice.  The Benefits Express Representative only would say that’s the only choice you have. I then said what about the statement that said “if you don’t do anything you choice will be carry over”.  She just keep repeating, ” what does the enclosed letter say” with no explanation.  I then commented that I have no problem with my wife going to National BCBS PPO but what about my Chase HSA debit cards?  She said (the Benefits Express rep.) you will get new debit cards by the end of the year. I have also read, on the Internet, that there is a HSA Account service charge if you don’t have and HSA insurance plan anymore. I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling that the Benefit Express Representative gave me good answers.  I know I must not be the only person with this problem,  Has anyone at NCRO heard about this problem and is there anyone that can answer my concerns?


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3 Responses to 2011 Enrollment – HSA, CIGNA, Medicare

  1. Can I help with your CIGNA concern? If so, please email your contact info to @SCR_isolve@cigna.com

  2. Johnnie Johnson says:

    I have made couple more phone calls. I called Cigna and J.P. Morgan Chase. Cigna could not tell me much but I did get some information from Chase. Chrysler will notify Cigna/HAP that I will no longer have a high deductible health insurance plan. Then, Cigna/HAP will authorize Chase to create a new account and issue new debit cards within 30 days. It isn’t real clear if I will have access to the account in that 30 day window. Chrysler will no longer pay the account service charge of $2.50 – $5.00 a month. Nice work if you can get it. Money at no interest and get a service charge to boot. I asked when I will get this information in writing and was told by Chase that they will send me a letter as soon as they get the go ahead from Cigna/HAP. I hope this information can help others, that I suspect, may ask about.

  3. Johnnie Johnson says:

    Follow up on HSA accounts post 65. I received new debit cards from Cigna. They are good for two years. I suspect that I will get new debit cards from J.P. Morgan Chase after the first of the year. From documentation that I received from J.P. Morgan Chase, I appears that the service charge is only for those who want paper statements. If you agree to electronic statements, there is no charge.

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