Funds held in RHCA for overpayment in error?

From NCRO Member Joseph Valenti

I’ve sent a letter to the NCRO member Chuck Austin & a Rich Brown returned an E Mail that he’d contacted Chrysler human resources on the following issue of funds being held in the RHCA Accounts for overpayment (of which was Supposedly a Chrysler Computer & should be corrected sometime ) the following is the statement I’d received from benefits express (which also was a glitch that went thru & seems no one can control it’s submission according to Benefit rep. I’d spoken to ) . :

MESSAGE: Did the fact that Chrysler has Notified me of over payment from my HRA & RHCR accounts for cost reimbursements in the form of Prescription, Medical billings & medical Insurance Premiums . These dating back from 2009 to present. I’ve spoken to a representative ( in the USA ) & they confirmed of this notice being sent out also in E Mail form (Copy below) & that it was a glitch in the ”Chrysler System” that they are trying to correct individual account by individual account & have no expected date on when the recent payments submitted for those monetary reimbursements. They sent this letter later (as Benefits Rep. stated to ignore it ) someone is issuing these supposedly computer errors & are continuing …. this needs to be addressed & the answers from benefits Express is not reassuring & I need those funds to pay for medical expenses .  As of now they have freezed assets of recently submitted claims (Sept. 2010)
& more claims to be submitted are now being held by me as it would only result in more held up benefits & I was advised to with hold on submitting by the benefits Rep. I spoke to this past week .

Copy of letter sent  ” Our records indicate that you have an overpayment with Your Spending Account, which you’re responsible for repaying. You can access the Your Spending Account Web site to get more information about the amount owed.

An overpayment can occur when information that\’s necessary to prove that an expense was eligible isn’t adequate, or has not been provided. Overpayments can also result from expenses that were paid by Your Spending Account but shouldn’t have been.

Regardless of the reason, when you have an overpayment on your account, you\’re required to pay the money back to your account.

Below are several ways that you can resolve an overpayment:

-Resubmit the claim that resulted in an overpayment with additional receipts or other documentation. If the claim is approved, the overpayment will be satisfied.
-Submit new claims for eligible expenses within the current plan year if you have a remaining balance. If these claims are approved, the overpayment will automatically be paid back until the entire overpayment amount is paid off.
-Repay the overpayment by mailing a check to Your Spending Account, P.O. Box 785040, Orlando, FL 32878-5040. It will be reflected on your account two to three business days after it\’s received.

If you’ve already submitted information or mailed a check for your overpayment amount, you may disregard this email.”

Please see that this matter is looked into & publicized for other members that may not know why their reimbursements aren’t being processed.


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2 Responses to Funds held in RHCA for overpayment in error?

  1. NCRO says:

    A member of the NCRO Insurance Committee contacted the Chrysler staff person responsible for this area, and they advised that this was not widespread, and they are investigating the cause.

    • Alvin B Shoalts says:

      I am experiencing the same HRCA problem. The 3 calls to My Spending Contacts produced 1: “Can’t get the HRCA monies in ML Account until RHA Account monies are exhaused. The other 2 calls were
      “It’s a Technical Issue”. Last call did receive a “I’ll give it to my Manager”. Result an e mail which gave the history of actions which I review “On Line”. Still expect to pursue this but not excited about my receiving an action oriented response.

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