Retiree Lease Program Update

NCRO Members

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Model Year (MY) Retiree Lease Program. As an exciting enhancement, retiree participants are now eligible for two (2) lease vehicles! Retirees will continue to be able to order all eligible vehicles at applicable rates (same as Employee Program) and ordering will be available to new participants throughout the year. Information regarding the program, eligibility and ordering process are outlined below.

Program Overview:
 Eligible retirees are able to lease two (2) vehicles under the Retiree Lease Program.
 The Retiree Lease vehicles available will be offered at a 1.5%/1.7%/1.9% rate (same as Employee Program) for a term of 2 model years.
 Vehicle maintenance and insurance are included (same as Employee Program).
 Eligible drivers are the retiree, spouse and dependent children up to the age of 25, to the extent they otherwise qualify.
 There is no surviving spouse benefit. In the event the retiree passes away, the vehicle must be returned or purchased. Who is Eligible:
 Driving a 2014 MY lease vehicle
 Newly eligible or re-entering the Company Car Program
 Activating a second lease (*contact Company Car Programs to activate a second lease) Ordering Availability:
 Ordering will take place via the Company Car Online Ordering System:
New Participants will be able to order their first vehicle at any time throughout the year (after paperwork is approved – see below process).
 For current program participants, 2014 MY vehicle replacements will be available in three ordering phases (tentative and subject to change):

Phase 1 – Now thru October 30, 2015

Phase 2 – November 11 thru December 23, 2015

Phase 3 – February 10 thru March 27, 2016
We are pleased to announce that the all-new Chrysler 300 will be offered at a special rate of 1.5%.

Vehicles at the 1.5% Rate:
 Chrysler 300

Vehicles at the 1.7% Rate:
 Chrysler 200
 Chrysler Town & Country
 Dodge Challenger
 Dodge Charger
 Dodge Durango*
 Dodge Grand Caravan
 Dodge Journey
 Jeep Cherokee
 Jeep Compass
 Jeep Patriot
 Ram Trucks

Vehicles at the 1.9% Rate:
 Dodge Dart
 FIAT Abarth
 FIAT 500
 FIAT 500L
 FIAT 500X
 Jeep Grand Cherokee*
 Jeep Renegade
 Jeep Wrangler Manual Transmission: Manual Transmissions must be ordered via a paper-order form. All forms can be downloaded from the Company Car website under “Bulletins & Forms”. When filling out a paper-order please refer to the “Code Guide” to complete your manual order form. The “Code Guide” is located on the Online Ordering System in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Vehicles Not Eligible for Ordering:
 All SRT models
 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack
 Dodge Charger Scat Pack
 Dodge Dart SE

Prior to Ordering:
 Access the Company Car Online Ordering System: to review program details, requirements and to build and price a vehicle prior to ordering.

To log in to the website:
At the Employment Status field, select ‘Retiree’ from the drop-down box
->Enter your CID (or DCID)  Enter your birth date (MM/DD/YYYY)
->Enter your retirement date (MM/DD/YYYY)
->Click the ‘Log In’ button
->Submit a Pension Deduction Authorization/Lease Agreement Form (PDF) along with a current driver history record for each eligible driver in the household. This is an annual requirement. The motor vehicle record (MVR) date for any eligible driver will appear in red in the Online Ordering System if a current MVR and updated PDF are required.

*Late Availability Phase 2:
 Dodge Durango
 Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Pension Deduction Authorization/Lease Agreement Form can be found on the Ordering website under the “Forms” tab.

Driver history records must be obtained from your local Department of Motor Vehicles. Driver history records from any third party (i.e. insurance company, on-line service) will not be accepted.

Please include an email address on the Pension Deduction Authorization/Lease Agreement Form in order to receive an email confirmation from the Company Car Group after your documentation has been received and reviewed.

Please submit all documentation together as sending documents separately will delay processing.

To reduce corporate liability and risk, all participants are required to submit current driver history records for each eligible driver in the household annually at the expense of the participant. Once approved, driver histories are valid for a maximum of 12 months. Note: the participant is responsible to submit updated driver histories every 12 months in order to remain eligible.

Participants will not be able to order a vehicle until the Pension Deduction Authorization/Lease Agreement Form and current driver history records are received and approved by the Company Car Program Group. However, participants will have immediate access to the “Build and Price” section of the website to estimate vehicle pricing.

For data privacy purposes, the Company Car fax is available Monday thru Friday at 8:30a.m. and is turned off at 4:30p.m. EDT. Please fax during these hours to (248) 512-0571 or scan and email your documents to

Accessing the Company Car Online Ordering System: Retirees may access the Online Ordering System: In the event you have any Company Car Program related questions, please visit the Company Car website or contact Company Car Programs at 800-481-6736, T/L 874-5226 or by email at Company Car Program Group

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Savings Plan Revisions

Savings Plan Revisions

Three Major Changes
• Add Target Date Funds (TDFs)
• Streamline Core Menu
• Reinvestment Initiative

Investing Approaches
• Target Date Funds (TDFs)
• Advice Access
• Core Investment Menu
• Self-Direct Brokerage (sdb Direct Advantage)

Take Action!
•Savings plan “whole portfolio solution” that automatically reallocates asset
classes (stocks, bonds and cash) according to a pre- determined “glide path”
through a target date (e.g. – retirement date)
•12 new TDF portfolios based on a year near the participant’s age 65
Streamline Core Menu
•No impact to sdb Direct
•25 Core Menu investment options moving to 11
•Advice Access remains

Reinvestment Initiative
•One-time initiative where participants are asked to take action on their Core
Menu investments
•No impact to sdb Direct Advantage or “frozen” Daimler stock
If no action is taken, the participant’s Core Menu investments are
mapped to the age-appropriate TDF

Savings Plan Revision
Accounts will be invested in a TDF unless you take action
•• Balances and future contributions
•• Based on expected year of retirement (age 65)
•• Includes Advice Access investments
•• Excludes sdb Direct Advantage and Daimler AG stock
Decide how you want your account invested
Deadline: March 1, 2013 – 3 p.m. (EST)
Savings Plan Revisions

Key Dates
• 1/30/13 Election Window Opens
• 1/30- 3/1/13 Election Window Open
» Current and New Menu exists
» Must decide where to invest funds
» Benefits on-line or 1-800-483-SAVE
» Participant meetings held
» Webinars available
» Resource Center available
• 3/1/13 Election Window Closes (current window

• If you take no action your account will be invested in Target Direct
Funds on your approximate year of retirement (age 65)

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Retiree Lease Program Approved!!!

As announced at the January 23rd, 2013 NCRO breakfast meeting:

Retiree Lease Program New Program Approved!!!
•Chrysler will announce later this month (February)
•Limited program
– Specific vehicles
• Minivan, Grand Cherokee, Dart, 300, Charger
– 1 vehicle per retiree
• Motors only
• No surviving spouse
• Retirees who didn’t follow rules in last program will be excluded
– 2 year lease
– Rate depends on vehicle – 1.7 or 1.9%
– Plan to open ordering 2nd or 3rd week of February
– March/April production

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What To Do If Your Pension Is Frozen Or You’re Offered A Lump Sum


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What About Pensions?

What About Pensions?

Several of our NCRO members have expressed concern over the future of pensions, more formally known as defined benefit pension plans. Be aware that the NCRO Board is also concerned and is taking action to defend, protect, and preserve pensions.

Chrysler salaried retirees were fortunate to have their pension assets transferred to the “new Chrysler.” This ensured that our pensions would continue to be managed and funded by Chrysler, at least for the near term. The reason our pensions were transferred to the “new Chrysler” is due in large part to the actions of the NCRO to petition the Automotive Task Force, and our preparedness in foreseeing a Chrysler bankruptcy.

This does not mean that we are resting on our laurels. We recognize that business is volatile and competitive and that our pension assets could be under jeopardy again someday. As a result we have joined forces with the NRLN, the National Retirees Legislative Network, to lobby for pension and income protection. NCRO has two of its Directors sitting on the Board of the NRLN. We influence their processes and policies to protect pensions. We work with other retiree organizations to petition Congress to write laws to protect our rights and income. Most recently American Airlines and Kodak have declared bankruptcy threatening the pensions of their retirees. NRLN went to the Judiciary Committee Staff this week to voice objection to termination of their pension plans, which would turn them over to the PBGC resulting in the possible loss of benefits for some of their retirees.

Two of NCRO’s Directors, Chris Dyrda and Stan Hurst, were in Washington on October 2nd and 3rd talking to the staffs of Senator Carl Levin and Senator Debbie Stabenow, meeting with American Airlines and Kodak people to discuss strategies, and formulating long range plans. Senators Stabenow and Levin are familiar with the NCRO and NLRN, and their staffs have advised us on things we can do to raise awareness of pension issues.

Additionally, the NRLN has formed an Income Security Committee for retirees, which includes participation by three of the NCRO Directors. This Committee will formulate strategies and position papers to take to Congress on behalf of retirees.

Pensions are under attack by creditors, corporations, and the PBGC. When companies declare bankruptcy pensions are considered unsecured claims. Creditors claim the bulk of assets in bankruptcy leaving little or nothing to help underfunded pensions. In fact, most bankruptcy courts won’t even give retirees a voice in court. Worse, most bankruptcies are litigated in New York, a district sympathetic to corporate interests. Then there is the issue of corporations using pension funds to accomplish reorganization, by offering buy-outs and lump sum payments. Lump sums payments, like those offered by GM and Ford, often underestimate what retirees are entitled to get, and leave retirees to fend for themselves in how they will invest those funds for a steady income stream. Finally, when pension plans are terminated in bankruptcy the PBGC assumes payments and assets, and resulting in reduced pension payments to many retirees, especially the early retirees.

Many companies have eliminated defined benefit pension plans. Some people think that contributory plans like 401k’s can replace pensions. We disagree. 401k plans often lack employee participation, and company matching funds. So what happens to our children and grandchildren in retirement? Most retirees are unprepared to achieve financial stability in retirement. Senator Harkin has come up with a plan for the future, the USA plan that would make pensions portable and universal, not subject to the whims of any one company. See the attached press release:

This may be an answer, but the wheels of progress in Congress turn slow. Only substantial grass root efforts can stimulate Congress to act.

We need all retirees to help. Write your legislators and express your concern. Write your newspapers and express your opinions on these matters. Respond to Capwiz action alerts when you get them from NRLN. Congress does take note of the number of responses. Contribute to the NCRO and NRLN so we can protect and advance income protection for retirees.

The Directors of the NCRO are trying to get justice for retirees, but we need everyone who is concerned, or affected, to help.

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Retiree Friendly Lease Program

Retiree Friendly Lease Program

    We have signed up nine Detroit Metro dealers that will sell vehicles to retirees using the Retiree Friendly “no hassle” process. If you are in the market for a vehicle contact one of the Retiree Friendly Dealers listed below to schedule an appointment. Please make sure that you contact the person identified for that particular dealer listed since they understand the retiree friendly dealer program. Once your appointment is completed feel free to log onto the NCRO blog at to report your experience. We use your blog comments to monitor the dealer’s follow through on their commitments. Also please remember the Chrysler Employee and Retiree Advantage Program. You have an allotment of 6 Employee Purchase (EP) (95% of invoice for the retiree and eligible family members only) and 6 Friends Program (PP) (99 % of invoice for friends and colleagues) control numbers available for use. You can get those numbers at

Also remember to use the Retiree Friendly Dealers for your service maintenance. If you do go to one of the Retiree Friendly Dealers for maintenance please let them know that you are a member of NCRO. This will let the dealers know that NCRO members are supporting them since these dealers are supporting NCRO.

The following dealers participate in this program,

Bloomfield Hills:
Golling Chrysler Dodge Jeep
Your Golling RFD Contact: Matthew Godfrey at 248.409.2310

Al Deeby Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Your Hall RFD Contact: Jim White at 248.620.0800

Hall Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram
Your Hall RFD Contact: Evan Coughlin at 810.714.3300

Highland Park:
Bill Snethkamp Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Your Snethkamp RFD Contact: Jim White at 313.868.3300

Lake Orion:
Milosch’s Palace Chrysler Dodge Jeep & RAM
Your Milosch Lake Orion Contact: Jessica Story 248-724-7349

Jim Riehl’s Friendly Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram
Your Jim Riehl Lapeer RFD Contact: Bill Hilliard 810.245.5952

Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep
Your Suburban RFD Contact: Diane Marshall at 248.427.7729 or

Rochester Hills:
Rochester Hills Chrysler Jeep Dodge
Your Rochester Hills RFD Contacts:Lincoln Phillip at 248.659.3278 or Jerry Dawe at 248.659.3223

Jim Riehl’s Friendly Chrysler Jeep
Your Jim Riehl Warren RFD Contact: Brandon Fikes 586.983.4325

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Company Lease Car Plan for Retirees

Dan Podczervinski says:

There’s a new rumor going around stating that the Company Lease Car Plan
for Retirees will happen in August/12–any comments?

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